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Kayak Adventures


2-3 Hour Guided Nature Tours

$75 per person

Come kayaking through the tidal creeks and salt marshes that surround our magical inter coastal waterways and islands. Kayaking is fun, safe and easy. No experience is necessary to enjoy this 'adventure' through our beautiful creeks and inlets. We provide instruction and all the equipment. All kayaks are safe, stable and comfortable.

Kayak Tours are led by personable and knowledgeable interpretive naturalist guides. Tours with us are sure to be memorable!

DAILY 2 hour Guided Nature Tours $75


2-3 Hour Birding & Beach combing Paddle

Custom Excursions

$75 per person 

Want an extended paddle that highlights the best of the coastal low country? This is for you. Departing from several different locations , you'll explore the nature and learn about the history and culture of a great saltwater eco-system. We will paddle along our tidal creeks and coastal islands calm waterways. Stop at remote beaches for bird watching, exploring and shell hunting.

All guides are trained interpretive naturalists and kayak experts.
All tours include instruction, equipment and guide.

The low country hosts a myriad number of unique paddling opportunities. We offer guided kayak tours of many of our coastal islands and hammocks. Trips vary in length from 2-3 hours. Call us at 912 695 2305 for more information.


KAYAK Full Moon Paddle Tours

2 Hours $75 per person

This guided paddle is AWESOME! The tidal creeks come alive with the sounds of the nocturnal animals that inhabit the salt marsh. The light of the moon glistening on the water is indescribable. WOW!

Led by an interpretive naturalist guide and includes instruction and equipment. 2 hours.


KAYAK New Moon Paddle Tour

2 Hours $75 per person

Paddling with the New Moon, with thousands of stars a glitter is magical. We have Goggle Sky so we can identify constellations, planets and stars. Some of the shooting starts we have seen on our new moon paddles are unforgettable! Pretty cool!

Dolphins get way more friendly at night and are known for swimming right along side us sometimes for quite awhile. You never know what amazing things from nature might appear.

Led by our qualified interpretive naturalist guide and includes instruction and equipment.


What to Bring

What To Bring: 2-6 Hour Birding & Beach combing Paddle

For an optimum experience on your adventure with us, please review the following:

***Recommended attire is that which would be comfortable for a walk on the beach that day. Swimsuits are not necessary, but are permitted. You may have some water drip off your paddle onto your legs. Other than that, we don’t expect to get wet or do any swimming, although it may be an option when conditions are appropriate. The boat ride can be cool, even on a warm day , so bring outwear appropriate to the temperature with a “wind chill” (windbreaker and insulating layer, as necessary).

*** Footwear that would stay on your foot in the water is required. Sport sandals such as Tevas or Chacos are recommended, and old sneakers are fine, too. As long as you don't mind them getting wet. Sandals must attach around the ankle, so no flip-flops, please.

*** Sun protection is very important, regardless of the weather or season. We strongly recommend a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a long sleeve light colored shirt and a towel to cover your legs.

***Bottled water is recommended and necessary.

*** During spring and fall mornings and evenings, bug spray might be necessary.

Our 2 Hour Kayak Nature Tour, offers both a great introduction to kayaking and an educational nature tour. A trained interpretive naturalist guide will introduce you to paddling and lead your journey through the low country estuaries. No experience is necessary. First time kayakers welcomed!

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